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4-Inch Air Filters

When it's time to replace your 4-inch filters, avoid paying for international sourcing and shipping fees by choosing 4-inch air filters from Factory Direct Filters. Each of our products is made in America and manufactured in our own facilities, allowing us to offer you the best price in the market. Our 4-inch furnace filters come in every size, from standard 14x4 air filters to custom measurements you can't find at the big box stores.

Remove Allergens, Dust, & More with 4" Air Filters

Depending on the MERV rating you choose, your 4-inch AC filter can capture and remove a wide variety of debris in your office or residential property. After selecting the measurements you need, choose your filtration efficiency and optimal air quality with your preferred MERV rating. If you aren't convinced, check out a few of the features that make our 4-inch air filters exceptional:

  • Available in all sizes
  • Lowest prices and free shipping
  • Can reduce energy costs by up to 15%
  • Made in the USA
  • Opportunity to enhance the quality of your air with a higher MERV rating

    Get free shipping and high filtration efficiency with our 4-inch air filters!

    Select your specific 4-inch filter measurements below or create your own custom size

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