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1-Inch Air Filters

Our 1-inch air filters are available for residential and commercial use and come in standard sizes like 20x20, hard-to-find measurements like 14x20, and custom sizes to accommodate your exact needs.

What to Expect from Our 1" Air Filters

Whether you are in the market for a thin 1-inch furnace filter to replace your dirty one, or you are searching for a higher filtration efficiency to provide the cleanest air for your business, Factory Direct Filters will deliver high-performing products at an affordable price. Below are the features you can expect from our 1-inch air filters

  • Sized to fit standard and custom dimensions
  • Superior, American-made quality
  • Multiple MERV options including high-efficiency MERV 13
  • Ability to improve air quality with upgraded MERV rating
  • Opportunity to reduce energy costs by up to 15%

Find the right 1-inch air filter for your business needs today!

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