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Factory Direct Filters has all the popular and hard-to-find air filter sizes for your home and business. If you need custom HVAC filter sizes, we can do that, too! All at factory-direct prices.

Shop by Air Filter Sizes

The quickest way to find the right air filter for your home is to shop by size, and your first step is to know which size you need. You should be able to find the size on your current filter, but if you can't, we have a Helpful Tips page that shows you how to measure your furnace or AC filter size. When shopping for your AC or furnace filter by size, keep in mind that the size category is based on the depth of the filter. So, for example, a 1" filter measures one inch deep.

If you need to replace multiple filters at once, you're in luck! Factory Direct Filters offers the lowest price guaranteed and free shipping. Even better – our bulk discount means the more air filters you order for your home, business, or rental properties, the more you save per filter!