Where is my Air Filter located?

Learn how to track down and locate your Air filter

When was the last time you changed your Furnace filter? If you always let the technician handle the job during annual tune-ups, your filter is not being replaced often enough. It’s great to know the importance of changing the furnace filter, but locating the slot/track for your filter can be a little tricky. The location of your furnace filter depends on type of AC unit in your house.

Where is my Furnace Filter located?

Here are the most common places to look:

Central air return register/vent

If your home has one large central return register rather than one per room, check there for the filter. Central return registers are most often situated in an open common area such as the top of a stairwell, in the floor or hallway ceiling. The filter should be located just inside the grill, which you can remove with a screwdriver.

Air handler

In homes with multiple return registers, the filter is often installed immediately in front of the air handler. This component is most likely located in either the attic, garage or basement.

In the closet near the furnace

In most apartments, the AC unit is located in a small closet, and the furnace filter should be within arms’ reach. Look for a long, narrow slot with a removable cover. The filter should be inside.

When in doubt, get professional help

If you cannot locate the furnace filter after following these tips, ask a local technician for help the next time you have your Furnace tuned up. They can help you find the furnace filter and show you how to replace it. This way, you can perform this task yourself based on the recommended schedule of every 30 to 90 days without bringing a professional in for help.

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