Washable vs. Disposable Air Filters

Washable vs. Disposable Air Filters

When we look at the choices, one is a clear winner.

Whether you're buying air filters for your home or business, you must weigh all your options thoughtfully. When considering washable vs. disposable air filters, think about your own maintenance style. Are you the type to stick to a rigid program, or do you need more flexibility.

Washable Air Filters Require Strict Adherence

Some people favor washable air filters because they are reusable, but at what cost? First, there is literally the higher price of a washable filter versus the disposable kind. Second, to remain viable, washable filters must be cleaned regularly. It seems like a small thing, but most people forget to do it, or they do it so infrequently that they reduce the life of the filter. Dirty filters fail to capture the air particles and pollutants they're meant to, which leads to poor indoor air quality and strains the HVAC system. Without proper cleaning, washable air filters can create problems.

Washable filters are also limited in the size of the particles they remove from the air. Only larger pollutants like dust are captured, even when the filters are cleaned routinely. If you are truly concerned for the health of your family at home or your business's clients, you'll want better air filtration than a washable air filter can deliver.

Disposable Air Filters Offer More Versatility

You can choose from several filtration efficiency options when you buy disposable air filters. At Factory Direct Filters, we offer the most popular MERV ratings available, and you can base your choice on the needs of your family or your business. Plus, if your needs change throughout the year – with seasonal allergies, for example – you can upgrade or downgrade as necessary.

If you normally purchase custom washable air filters, you can relax knowing that custom disposable air filters are available. We offer standard, hard-to-find, and custom sizes in our quality, USA-made pleated filters. And at Factory Direct Filters, the more you buy, the more you save. Our quantity discounts make it easy and affordable to stock up, so you spend less time and money on maintenance and more on the things you enjoy.

When comparing washable vs. disposable air filters, the choice is clear, and Factory Direct Filters is your trusted source.

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