Parents Home Safety Guide for Summer

Learn helpful tips to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries inside and outside your home

Most kids count down the hours until summer vacation. But, while the long, hot days are fun, the summer season is fraught with potential safety hazards. Parent need to prepare for them in advance. We put together the parents' home safety guide for summer to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Parents Home Safety Guide for Summer

Indoor hazards

  • Unruly Pets - It's estimated that dogs bite over two million children every year. Don't let your child be one! Go over "canine etiquette" with your kids and make sure they understand to not pet a dog without the owner' permission, and to never pull a dog's tail or antagonize it.

  • Bicycles Mishaps - Nobody wants to spend their summer break with a broken arm. Make sure they always wear proper protection, especially helmets, and avoid uneven or rocky terrain. Also discourage dangerous ideas like "doubling" with friends.

  • Sunburn Stings - Too much summer sun can leave your child in pain and misery. Show him or her how to apply sunscreen before venturing outside, and remind them to take it with them if they are going to be outdoors over an hour.

  • Hydration - Buy some cool water totes and encourage your kids to guzzle fluids during the day to stay hydrated.

  • Bug Bites - Bites are dangerous and unsightly. Keep bug spray that's kid-safe by the door so they can spray themselves down before they go outside.

Outdoor hazards

  • A Clogged Air Filter - Procrastinating on changing your air filter can cause poor indoor air quality, wreaking havoc on allergies and other breathing issues. Make a habit of changing the air filter every time you pay your electric bill. Your kids' lungs will thank you!

  • Faulty Smoke Alarms - Replace the batteries in the smoke alarms when the time changes. Test them every month to ensure they are working properly.

  • Poisonous Chemicals - Keep chemicals in a locked cabinet or in an outdoor locked shed.

  • Teach First Aid - If an incident occurs, your children need to know how to react. Teach them CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, and add 911 and other emergency contacts into their phones.

The summer months offer potential for accidents and injuries. With a little planning you can eliminate both indoor and outdoor mishaps and enjoy a fun, hazard-free season!

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