Save Big on Air Filters for Your Rental Properties

Change your air filters regularly

As a rental property company, you know the importance of changing air filters regularly. Not only does it keep your tenants healthy, but it also ensures that the HVAC systems operate at peak efficiency, which helps save money and energy. However, the cost of buying individual air filters can add up quickly. That's where Factory Direct Filters comes in.

Buying air filters in larger pack sizes from Factory Direct Filters can save you a significant amount of money on a per filter basis. For example, purchasing a pack of 12 filters instead of just 1 can bring the cost per filter down considerably. And when you're changing filters every 30-60 days, those savings can add up fast.

In addition to the cost savings, Factory Direct Filters also offers a "subscribe and save" option, which provides a 5% discount on all deliveries, and allows you to receive your filters on a regular schedule without having to worry about re-ordering. This is especially helpful for busy property managers who have multiple units to maintain.

It's important to note that buying air filters in bulk doesn't mean sacrificing quality. Our MERV 8, MERV 11, and MERV 13 air filters are all made with high-quality materials and designed to effectively capture airborne allergens, dust, and other particles. With regular air filter replacement, you can ensure that your tenants are breathing clean air year-round.

Buying air filters from Factory Direct Filters is a smart choice for rental property companies and others who need to change filters regularly. Not only do you save you money on a per filter basis, but you are also ensuring your tenants are breathing clean air and your HVAC systems are operating at peak efficiency.

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