A New Filter Can Help Fight Fall Allergies

A Filter Can Help Fight Fall Allergies

Learn how a simple air filter can help fight fall allergies

For many, fall is the best time of the year. The weather is great, there is often more time to spend with friends and family and nearly every product imaginable is available in a pumpkin spice flavor. However, one issue can make fall slightly unpleasant for some people—fall allergies.

What Causes Fall Allergies?

1. - You may think that fall would be a time of fewer allergies--since flowers aren't in bloom. However, there are still some allergens in the air. According to WebMD, ragweed is one of the biggest culprits and causes the majority of problems with fall allergies. Other issues to watch out for include mold and dust mites.

2. - Luckily, fall allergies do not have to rule your life. One way to help reduce the impact of fall allergies on yourself and those you love is by making sure you change your furnace filters regularly. HVAC furnace filters have an enormous effect on the air quality of your home. After all, do you want to breathe air that has flowed through an old, dirty filter?

3. - If you, or someone you love, has asthma or severe allergies, changing these furnace air filters in fall (and throughout the year) becomes even more important. How often should you change your furnace filters? Well, the frequency recommended varies depending on the manufacturer of the furnace as well as the air filter, but every two to three months is usually recommended.

4. - If you have pets or your home is exposed to additional pollutants such as smoke or low-quality outdoor air, you may consider upgrading to a high-end furnace filter. These can reduce the impact of fall allergies, and low-quality indoor air, in general, on everyone in the household. It is worth doing everything you can to improve the air in your home—many studies have shown that improving indoor air quality can have a big impact on asthma, allergies and your health as a whole. A high-end filter provides an extra layer of protection between you and allergens.
    As you can see, there is a lot to think about when it comes to fall allergies. Check your filter today—before the temperatures drop and you need to turn on that furnace. Autumn is on its way!

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