Purashield 500 Air Scrubber Filter

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  • Disposable 4-layer filter removes 99.99% of Aerosols Carrying Viruses*
  • Quickly and effectively removes many aerosols carrying harmful viruses, bacteria, mold, and smoke from the air
  • Change filter every 6 months
  • Made in the USA!
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  • Fits Purashield 500 Air Scrubber
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Product Details /

14 1/2 x 14 1/2 x 23
Air Filter Type
Air Purifier
Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, And Smoke
Pre-filter, Molecular Filtration, Antimicrobial layer using Puraward Fiber, H13 grade HEPA Filter
Captured Particle Size
0.3-1.0 Microns
High Capacity
Air Flow
250 CFM / 425 CMH
Max Energy Use
Noise Level
<60 dBA
110V US / 220V EU
2 Years
Lead Time
60 Business Days

Purashield 500 Air Scrubber

Our portable air scrubber uses a disposable 4-layer filter equipped with a filter layer protected by PuraWard® technology using copper and silver ions† to combat many bacteria and viruses. It includes 22 lbs of Purafil’s patented§ molecular filtration media and features a compact and mobile design.

Purashield Filter

Key Features

  • Includes 22 lbs of Purafil’s patented§ molecular filtration media to remove molecular contaminants from the air, safely oxidizing the molecules, while removing toxic and harmful gases.
  • The PuraWard Filter✝ is a high efficiency filter protected by an embedded microtechnology containing an EPA registered antimicrobial additive using copper and silver ions to combat many bacteria and viruses.
  • H13 grade HEPA filtration captures harmful particulate matter, allergens, bacteria and viruses.
  • The commercial air scrubber's disposable 4-layer filter is safe for landfills.

PuraWard Filter is protected from viruses and bacteria:

Virus Reduction Rate Time
H1N1 99.91% 5 Min.
H7N9 99.98% 5 Min.
Bacteria / Fungus Reduction Rate Time
S. aureus 99.95% 1 Hr
E. Coli 99.96% 1 Hr

Background on Purafil

  • For 50 years, Purafil’s technically advanced products have been on duty in environments as sensitive as NASA laboratories, the Sistine Chapel, hospitals and airports.
* Laboratory testing demonstrated 99.99% reduction of aerosols carrying MS2. Copies of the full test reports are available upon request
✝ Filter protected by an EPA-registered antimicrobial additive.
§ Patent number US 9,370,763 B2