6 Inch Air Filters

Our 6 inch air filters are efficient at filtering large homes and businesses. Clean your space and keep your family or coworkers safe from potentially harmful debris with quality filtration and high filtration efficiency from American-made manufacturing. Choose or customize your size, and select the MERV rating best for you.

6" Air Filters that Really Work

Oftentimes, non-branded products do not deliver the best quality. However, with our aftermarket 6 inch furnace filters, you can expect the very best performance and cleanest air quality. Take a look at some of our other features if you are not convinced.

  • Manufactured in-house, in the USA
  • Lowest prices guaranteed
  • MERV 13 options
  • Free shipping with every order
  • Custom sizes available

Choose your 6 inch air filter today for cleaner, fresher air.

Select your standard 6 inch air filter below or shop extended sizes.

Aerostar Series 400 NOVApleat Air Filter