Aerostar Air Filters for Lennox

Do you love your Lennox air filters? Good news for you – at Factory Direct Filters, they're 10% off retail prices, which means you can receive the exact same quality filters at a much lower price. Opt into our subscription service, and you can receive your Lennox furnace filters at a regular frequency, reminding you to replace your dirty filter and maintain a clean, healthy home.

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What Type of Lennox Filters Do You Need?

Do you know how to measure your Lennox air conditioner filter? It is important to note the difference between nominal and actual size. Once you have the length, width, and depth, you can choose from several standard and hard-to-find Lennox air filters. Then, customize with your preferred MERV rating. We suggest MERV 11 for those with kids and pets and MERV 13 for those with asthma or allergies. The perfect fit for either your AC unit or furnace, these Lennox furnace/air filters are highly efficient and will help improve the quality of air in your home or business.